There is a Lone Ranger in every rider...........

Lone Ranger is here to stlylise the motorcycle industry! Behind Lone Ranger is a very experienced team involved with the motorcycling industry for almost a decade.

In the last ten, we have seen years a huge increase in the number of motorcycle riders and we have seen motorcycles transform from just being an economical mode of transport into an object passion - motorcycle tourism has turned into a industry in India. Every year thousands of riders both young and old aspire to buy bikes to persue their dreams of riding these machines on the roads they wish to conquer.

With the growth in the number of riders there has been a rise in the demand for safety riding gear. Riders realize the importance of being well protected while riding. In fact many of the Motorcycle Riding Clubs with whom most of the riders are affiliated are setting safety standards for riding, which includes wearing proper gear.

We at Lone Ranger sell safety gear for motorcyclists. Our aim is to provide good quality, reliable riding gear at reasonable prices. We strive to provide riding gear which is safe and comfortable, comparable to only the best in the market.

Our Range currently consists of Riding Jackets & Pants, Motorcycle Riding Kevler Based Denims, Motorcycle Riding Gloves, Motorcycle Riding Boots, Motorcycle Touring Bags, Back Paks, Magnetic tank Bags, Thigh Bags, Leather Seats & Accessories.

We keep on striving to increase our range of products, keeping quality styling and price in mind for customers.

Lone Ranger is synonymous with safe, reliable, and stylish riding gear for motorcyclists.

What are our Products made of :
All Lone Ranger India Products are made from the best possible materials available and used worldwide.
Some of the major brands used are

* Dupont Cordura & Dennier 1600D
* EVA for Lamination on Fabric
* YKK Zippers
* Original 3M Scothclite reflective & Dynatic
* Reissa Rain Liners or Equivlent
* High Quality Thermal Liners
* Best Available Velcro & Elastic
* CE certified level 2 Protectors in most of our gear. Due to price restraints, in some jackets Gear CE Certified Level One Armour is used.
* All material used is highlighted with tags on the products
* High Quality magnets are used on our tank bags & city model jackets