Lone Ranger Enduro Saddle Bag

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Don't forget these...

  • These saddlebags are specially designed to carry the gear without much rattle.
  • These waterproof saddlebags for bikes are lean that enabling them to be fit on any bike.
  • Top folding with approx 33 liters of capacity
  • Comes with Seam Sealed Inner liner lined with velcro for added protection & to avoid water seepage
  • Inner liner with a heavy-duty coating to avoid water seepage
  • Strong lightweight outer layer hip coated for maximum protection against water
  • Flexible fitting options for all bikes. Panniers will compatible only with RE Meteor and Classic
  • Fully Waterproof
  • Can also be used as a backpack
  • Detachable PU sheet to protect the bag from water splashes.
  • Easy to use attach & detach
  • Big opening to easily put in and remove your essentials from the saddles
  • Extra strap to hold and secure bag.
  • Lightweight, Attractive and Durable.

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