Lone Ranger Voyager Short Riding Shoes-Brown


Size: 41
Sale priceRs. 11,549.00


• These bike-riding shoes have at most comfort and we can wear them for a long duration.
● These are the best riding shoes that provide complete protection to the foot and ankle.
● The outer shell is made of premium leather.
● High-quality CE sole for exceptional grip and COMFORT anti-slip
● Imported Aluminium buckles that offer a satisfactory click when the boots are worn.
● Adjustable straps and zipper enclosure for better fitting adjustment.
● Inner EVA form padding and foam liner for better safety and comfort.
● Multiple reflective panels for high visibility.
● 100% waterproof
● The outer membrane offers resistance against accidental piercings and protection against hot metal surfaces like the engine or exhaust.
● Easy to wear and use.
● Equipped with SAS-TAC ankle insert.

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